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Monday, October 16, 2017

Fall GLEC_PVA Book Fair

Good Day to you all! I'm super excited about my upcoming book fair! This year, I'm having a BUCKAROOS & BOOKS! Fair, along with Scholastic Books! I'm UBER EXCITED to see my kiddos build their piggy banks, plan ahead by saving loose change, and coming to the fair with smiles and savings! Here's to a wonderful book fair! Check back for updates on the fundraising total and other surprises!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Thor's Hammer

Today has been brought to you by Thor's hammer!

You know when you have those impromptu discussions about pop-culture and it leads to brilliant debates and philosophical discussions by your students???

THAT happened to me today. In my Makerspace, I have a Thor and his hammer. I had it out as a coping mechanism for one of my autistic learners. Some of my male students saw it and began playing with it. Sadly, I didn't have my camera ready to go. I was in the "welcome to class" mode.

Nevertheless, the arguement began on who can pick up Thor's hammer, all while they acted out trying to pick up the hammer. After watching them struggle on who could, I chimed in with Vision, as the current winner was Magneto. Being the best diplomat I could, I conceded that Magneto and Ultron could both pick up the hammer! I had to get started with class!!!

While they worked, I did some RESEARCH--after all, I AM A LIBRARIAN--as they walked out the door, I told them that WONDER WOMAN also picked up Thor's hammer, along with 14 others! I wish you could've seen their bug-eyes!

Oh...did I forget to mention the Villianess Hela, Goddess of Death??


This whim of an argument today called to mind this Big Bang Theory clip on no other topic but THOR'S HAMMER! Here's the EdPuzzle that I'm starting the next class with to add MORE fuel to the fire...after all, I'm a comic book nerd too!😏😂

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Digital Media Virtual Word Wall

So, you know that I'm SUPER excited about teaching my Digital Media Class!

I can't stop thinking of a variety of ways to add tech components to the class! I must remember to slow down...but trust me, my students will leave DIGITAL MASTERS! I must brag on one of my students, Andy! He finished his blog, following all the directions and being otherwise AMAZING! Check out my #DigitalJediBlogger Andy!

Now to the meat of this post. I LOVE Padlet and Quizlet! They LET learning continue with techonology! You see what I did there with the word, "let?" Lol, yup-I'm that kind of nerdy! :)
Please check out this virtual word wall I created for my class. The Quizlet is embedded within! Enjoy!

For my students, BEWARE! Embedded in the padlet below is a QUIZ Pay attention to the details and find the quiz. It will take you to Quizlet, where you have flashcards that will help you before you click the quiz link. Ask for more details in class and good luck! :)

Made with Padlet

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Digital Media Class-1st Blog Post

Students: Please review the instructions for your first blog post!

Here's my SAMPLE for you. Yay for modeling expectations!

Welcome to my blog! I'm Jean D.: activist, rebel, creative thinker and otherwise AMAZING woman. What makes me amazing? I've a great sense of humor...
I fought with Black Panther before he helped out the Marvel Avengers.
Black Panther

My fictional mother is Khalessi (GOT fan) and my brother is a dragon. Here he is...

Finally, I'm a writer. I've books that I've written that have inspired me at the darkest moments of my life. I'm also an art collector. Here's my latest purchase by Patricia Blackwell.

Want to know how to make your own Meme easily? You can make your own MEME here.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Digital Citizenship & EdPuzzle

Today's my first day back after the tragedies of Hurricane Harvey. I've the fortunate pleasure of teaching a digital media course to further advance my platform of the "Social Media Librarian."
Please check out our class workspace: GLEC-PVA Digital Media Class.
To begin this year off on the right foot, I've included these jewels from my EdPuzzle account! Enjoy!

Please join this Edupuzzle using the PIN: viovpin.

Here's AASL's 2017 Best Technology Apps for Learning:
For my DIGITAL MEDIA STUDENTS ONLY, please complete this survey for one of your daily grades:
Create your survey with SurveyMonkey

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

SLJ Teen Live Virtual Conference

I LOVE, love, LoVe virtual conferences! Any day I can learn in my PJs is the BEST learning for me. It's made me productive enough to do a summer post!

In conjunction with my role as a Coretta Scott King blogger for ALA, I will focus my post on the wonderful Jason Reynolds and how his book, Miles Morales: Spider-Man has hooked reluctant readers! Please enjoy!

Spoiler Alert: Spider-Man is no longer Peter Parker; he’s now Miles Morales! (a moment of silence, please.)

I hate to be snitch, but it’s all Jason Reynolds’ fault...kinda. His words created such a believable connection that the new Spider-Man is a half black, half Puerto Rican 16 y/o from Brooklyn. I half expected Zendaya (from the summer blockbuster Spider-Man Homecoming) to step out of the book!

Today, the School of Library Journal held a live, young adult literature, virtual conference--SJL Teen Live!--and let’s just say, Mr. Reynolds shined a spotlight on the essence of connecting with reluctant readers (RR) via his latest book, Miles Morales: Spider-Man. The timing of it couldn’t be more perfect!

According to recent studies, young men and women read less than 12 minutes per day. I know. Stifle the tragic screams of your inner librarian and do NOT worry. With great reading power, comes great responsibility. Jason has answered the call as the new and diverse “Uncle Ben” from the Spider-Man series!

One reason why Miles Morales/Jason Reynolds connects with reluctant readers is because of the character’s voice. “I tried to create someone you want to hang-out with, not someone stagnant or authoritative,” says Jason during the virtual conference. Without missing a beat, he continued that “words need to feel real to the kids. The language must be contemporary. Use their voice, as it’s vital. That’s the magic for reluctant readers.”

In fact, after listening to him, I must say that he has so much #blackboymagic exuding throughout his graphic novel, that he can turn reluctant readers into avid readers! I'm not saying he’s biblical, but he gets RRs. Trust me, I’m a librarian.

No one  else could take Marvel’s best known superhero, give him a 2.0 upgrade in cultural relevancy and soften the transformation with enough depth to make an otherwise adverse adolescent wonder, “Hey, this guy sounds like me!”

The keepsake moment arrived when Jason answered the question, what questions do you want asked about Miles Morales? He took the traditional stance of “I want kids to notice the new things that have arrived now that Spider-Man is of a different culture. Notice how he behaves when he takes the mask off. Pay attention to the layers and cultural perspectives of the book.”

However, I believe the best quote from Jason was his nod to a truth that has withheld the test of time: “Comic books have always addressed the tougher discussions of society. I want questions/discussions to stem from that.”

After all, as an avid comic book hero fan, I can attest that (1) Captain America was created as a force against Nazi Germany; (2) Wonder Woman birthed a renaissance in feminism; and (3) Superman tackled corporate greed vs the little man, as well as refugee plights--Superman is an immigrant from Krypton!

Therefore, why not entice those “reluctant readers” with a likeable hero, who looks like them, speaks with a slang they’re familiar with and they can discuss the issues the hero faces with their friends?

In a world cloudy with websites, wouldn’t it be ultimate and amazing to have Miles Morales: Spider-Man coming home with your son blabbering away about some cause he wants to tackle in order to change the world? *Only a true nerd will end their post by referencing all of the Spider-Man series!*