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The Art of Flying by Judy Hoffman

Okay fellow followers! :) I just had the fortunate pleasure to interview Judy Hoffman , a new YA author, who's charmed readers with her debut novel The Art of Flying: a novel. So the best way I can describe this novel is as so: Hoffman is the missing soul sister of J.K. Rowling and Rosemary Wells. The wondrous childlike obsession with magic, witches, birds and flying shouts the modis oprendi of J. K. Rowling; while the imagination, innocence and intrigue mimics Rosemary Wells. Bottom line, Hoffman delivers in her first novel. Before I get to her novel review, let me shed some light on the writer. Judy graciously agreed to answer some questions for me because I chose her novel to do as an in depth study for my graduate class at the University of Houston-Clear Lake (Go Hawks!) She's a rare writer, in the manner that she doesn't give in to the current hype for more sinister, dystopian, and darker literature. Judy wants her readers to walk away entertain, ready to ex