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Would You Rather Poetry or Rap?

Would you rather be a poet or a rapper?? To some of us...there's little difference. How many times have you heard a lyric in a song so poignant and poetic that it rivets your soul? Like some of you, I can listen to a song and travel back in time. So...being a kid of the 80s/90s and loving all genres of music (like I love all genres of books), I thought I'd collaborate and combine my two great loves: poetry and music...specifically rap music! I came across the idea a couple of years ago via Book Riot's post: Poetry Line or Rap Music. We begin the lesson with a few foundation questions via a Gallery Walk! With 8 poster size sticky notes and the following questions, we were able to build a foundation for the poetry vs. rap: 1. What are some characteristics of poems? 2. How do you encounter poetry in your everyday life? 3. What is poetry to you? 4. What makes a good poem? 5. What makes poetry easy? Difficult? 6. If poetry was a food, then which food and w