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Tackling Online Disinhibition Effect for Teens

Hey y'all. I've done some digging into our internet behaviors and how AI is learning our behavior online. Introducing Online Disinhibition Effect (ODE) , which in a nutshell is how differently we behave ONLINE versus IN REAL LIFE. Here's a more formal definition . Or you can watch the video below, as it's quite informative. Have you ever said something to a stranger online that you wouldn’t IRL? It could be because of the Online Disinhibition Effect. Find out more in this lesson + #AbovetheNoise video by @KQEDedspace for 11th graders. #K12 #digcit — Common Sense Education (@CommonSenseEd) September 11, 2019 Part of my role as a librarian is to offer resources and lesson ideas as it relates to digital citizenship and online behaviors. This is the reason why I chose ODE to investigate. Online coversations are different from direct, face-to-face conversation in the following ways: 1. You can SEE each other