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The Figurative Math of Racism.

Welcome to my final blog post!!! A lot of colleagues, friends and associates have asked my thoughts on the state of society and education right now. You can't even understand my exhaustion...especially after being let-go for "budgetary" reasons, though it is a predominantly white institution that hasn't ever had a BIPOC in a position of leadership, excluding assistant principals for discipline. Initially, my anger blocked my rational writing, but since Covid-19 shut down America, I had to reconcile ending my career in education. Simply put, I loathe the ceilings, the overwhelming racism in education and librarianship. I have nothing left to give a career intentionally excluding me. They couldn't attack my work, but they did attack my person, psyche and peace. For the longest, I didn't answer folks when they asked me about racism. I felt like this article: " I'm your Black friend, but I won't educate you about racism. That's on you. &qu