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Library #Spooktacular! It's time to get SCARED!! :)

Welcome to my 2015 SPOOKTACULAR: The Library of Gloom!!! For those that follow me, you know how much I enjoy this time of the year! I've created a non-fiction, but superbly spooky interactive video! Scan the code below and BE FoReWaRnEd!!! This post does contain frightening and unnerving videos as well as kid-friendly resources. However, please take caution if you're sensitive to scary there's plenty of that here! This next little feature is specifically for my students who wonder where "Robert the Doll"'s the book that started the madness about Robert! Here's a classic video on carving pumpkins... I've grown to LOVING GO NOODLE! For Halloween, they have a #GoNoodleween contest! Here's our "Bones" doing his dance! Lol! :) Need some tips on How to Write Horror? See what R.L. Stine says when writing fiction... I love R.L. Stein-- and it's not because Goosebumps is coming out o

October Newsletter

I can't say how much I enjoy making a newsletter using ! Please take a look at our October Newsletter. You will find a few lesson resources and helpful tips! My next post is my HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!!