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December Library Newsletter!

I love this month! It's short, cold and full of festivities! Please enjoy my newsletter, but more importantly enjoy your loved ones...those you know and are yet to know.


Today, I crossed the 20,000 viewers mark for this blog!!! I'm forever grateful. This is my passion and first mode of advocacy. What started out as an assignment has become my professional voice! It's due to viewers like you! Sorry to sound like a PBS commercial! But it's true! I've a humble heart and I pray you continue to uplift my efforts! Libraries are the heartbeat of any school! Whether their steward is reserved or outrageous (like me), libraries infect the souls of all who enter. I'm happy to do my part! :) Thank you so much for supporting this blog! And even though I'm super excited, I want to also use this accomplishment to promote #GivingTuesday . It's a global campaign to give back to those in need. Get on Twitter and learn more! We're all responsible for each other in more ways than one can imagine!