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Artificial Intelligence: Part of the Library Ecosystem

Hey y'all! If you were at today's District 3 PD for central Texas librarians, then here's the presentation I used for my portion of the 10:45 session with Dr. Elizabeth Gross and Mr. Henry Stokes: AI in Library Ecosystem by Jean Darnell For the whole presentation along with Henry and Elizabeth, then please view it here: Evidence from social media of the excitement from our District 3 PD: Great insights from speakers today at District 3 fall meeting at @AustinPublicLib — Texas Library Assn. (@TXLA) November 30, 2023 Getting ready for a great day at the District 3 Fall Meeting! At @AustinPublicLib downtown — Texas Library Assn. (@TXLA) November 30, 2023 Here's a bonus find for my viewers, THE 5 BIG IDEAS FOR AI from ISTE Guide on Ethics and AI: