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TCEA 17 as a Presenter

I'm very humbled to present to other librarians and tech enthusiast about how I use technology to advocate! Whether its blogging, tweeting or participating on various Facebook groups, (i.e. #FutureReadyLibrarians ), Social Media is now a part of fibers. THANK YOU #TCEA17 for accepting my proposal and giving me to wondrous next working opportunity! Here are some of the highlights thus far! And if you're here at TCEA, please stop by my session: Level 4, Room 15 at 2:30! Here's an online survey that details the effects of social media for librarians! Thank you Zakir Hossain Yes, that's me (above) standing next to a man holding a rattlesnake! Mind you rattlesnakes at the Capitol is just a friendly Texas greeting! Lol! Love the positive energy & ideas of @soulpancake CEO, Shabnam Mogharabi! "What's your story to tell?" #seedsofinspiration #TCEA17 — AwakenLibrarian (@awakenlibrarian) February 8, 2017 My f