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Embedding a Tweet!

Thanks to my "Daring Librarian" tweet comrade, Gwyneth Jones , I've lifted an easy manner to embed tweets. It keeps your blog hip and visually interactive. Thank for the tip Gwyneth! Here's her librarian blog and her "Daring to be the Library Diva" blog! And let's not forget the EMBEDDING A TWEET tip: And for the follow-up between "The Diva" vs. "The Awaken," I made a boo-boo and needed to swallow some "humble" pie! This was my quick lesson on how to embed a tweet via "rigor and revlevance." @GwynethJones Alright Darling, Daring & Sassy One-I fixed the glaring typo! My apologies! RE: the suggestion, I need to own my brand, huh? — awakenlibrarian (@awakenlibrarian) January 29, 2014