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Happy Banned Book Week 2023!

Happy #BannedBooksWeek. You may remember that this past spring, I tested AI on #BlackHistoryMonth using ChatGPT: AI in Favor of Racist? Now, 8 months later, I wanted to see what another AI resource, Google's Bard, would do with the prompt: Create a speech from a black woman's perspective on how book bans suppress the speech and freedoms of black people. include specific examples from the last 10 years. Here's the essay in its entirety, unaltered. Or you can just watch this video below: Below are further details on the analysis/feedback that I've thought about since making the video. It's a view "behind the veil" for librarians of color: I've endured more hatefulness as a librarian than I ever endured as an English teacher. One job cut my position "for budget reasons," during the pandemic, because I taught the book, The Hate U Give (Thomas, 2017), which that campus thought promoted anti-police behavior. Even when I moved to a n