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It's finally here!!! The week where I can be an ABSOLUTE, CORRUPT AND BANNED READER and relish the thought of it! Plus, the entire federation of sassy and classy librarians HAVE MY BACK! There's so much I want to post about this topic-everything from pictures to articles and please don't forget my twitter page: where I've posted all types of articles on this wonder week of rebellion! See my collection below and please enjoy! American Library Association's Promotion of Reading Banned Books 2013 ! New York Public Library's Banned Article- "Fight for Your Right to Read: Banned Books Week 2013" American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)- How LGBT Families Are Still the Target of Banned Books?!!! Huffington Post's "7 Reasons Why Your Favorite Books Were Banned" Pinterest Banned Book Poem: "Are You There God?" 11 Quotes on Censorship from Banned Books Week