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Teacher Appreciation Day is May 6th!

As a former teacher and now LIBRARIAN (but still a teacher forever-more) I always look forward to the "noticed" recognition for the countless hours, tears and hearts we mend...muchless the teaching, inspiring and parenting we do "day in and day out." Therefore, to all my fellow teachers... THANK YOU! WE LOVE YOU! KEEP GUIDING THOSE KIDDOS TOWARDS ENLIGHTENMENT! and enjoy this wonderful article on "The Goal of Education." Here's an excerpt: Most of us would prefer our children become the very best people they can be, capable of effective thinking, acting, relating, and accomplishing in whatever field they enjoy and have a passion for. Rarely do we expect our K-12 kids to become anything besides good test-takers. We certainly don't expect them, by means of their education, to become what the Dalai Lama might call "good" people. Nor do we expect them to become good thinkers, actors, relaters, or particularly effective in o