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Self Acceptance Despite the Stereotypes

Self-Acceptance Despite the Stereotypes As I fall further in love with my role as a librarian, I love the “ Aha Moments ” that happen when on duty! Yesterday, while checking books out to students, I had to use my “Mama skills” when interacting with one young. Not the save the “save my toddler’s world from impending doom” strategies, but rather the “I know you better than yourself” skill-set that parents master before their child makes their first complete sentence! I’d just finished reading Grandma’s Purse to the class, when we played a righteous game of “What’s in the Library Lady’s purse?” A true-or-false game based on bluffing: Do I have a dirty sock in my purse? Show me the letter “T” with two fingers if you think I’m being truthful or “F” with three fingers (like an old-school “OK” hand gesture!) if you believe I’m fibbing! If the students guessed correctly, they could have the item from my purse (Option A) --there were fun items in my purse like earbuds, snacks and