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Biggest Dream...Vienna, Austria!

I've always wanted to live in Vienna, Austria ! Perhaps it's because of my classical music love, cello expertise (long ago) or my obsession with Mozart (I have a secret tied to him AND Beethoven !) but my dream job would be to be a part of a library there. Live in the country, absorb the culture and otherwise BE HAPPY! I don't know the first thing about obtaining employment there, but I'm speaking out to Fate and willing it to myself. GOOD FORTUNE is a powerful tool! Enjoy these wonderful pictures. Don't forget to see the links below the pictures! Like their Facebook page! The Lonely Planet has some GREAT information about Vienna and scheduling a visit. Click here . This video link below offers a quick suggestion of places to visit in Vienna! Vienna Video

Libraries of the Future

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Libraries and Colleges

When deciding where to go to college consider reviewing their library. Believe it or not, many prospective students and their families examine the library as a factor to consider when choosing their post-secondary tutelage! See this article from US News, here .

Would you rather???

This is a fine idea to use to start discussions and get to know how your students think. It could be a great background building activity for persuasive thinking and supporting your argument with a CONVINCING rationale. I found it on Pinterest , so take a look for yourself: You can also pair it with a "Table Text" to get students writing and discussing within their pods/groups! See this link from my pinterest: