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FBISD Digital Learning Conference

Tomorrow, I present at the Fort Bend ISD's Digital Learning Conference . So get ready for my tweets to follow #FBISDDLC ! What's the topic? Glad, you thought that! The presentation covers how I used social media and web 2.0 tools to advocate for my library. Most of in encompasses what I blog about, for those just mastering the ins/outs of technology, I do have "how-to" instructions for starting a blog, creating a vine and of course Twitter! Rather than bread-crumb you step-by-step, here's the presentation: BIG UPDATE: Thank you to all 28 of you lovely ladies that came to my session! Your presence touched my heart! Because of you, my nightmares vanished! Mad love for you! Come join me as we use #socialmedia to propel our #libraries into the #21stCentury for #learners ! #FBISDDLC — AwakenLibrarian (@awakenlibrarian) June 9, 2016 I'm ready for the #FBISDDLC and #Robin has found her #Batman ! #FBISD Digital Learning greatne