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Monster Theme Book Fair!

Scholastic Book Fairs hit the nail on the head this Fall with it's Monster Themed Book Fair! I've spent all this week building up the excitement for the fair. Plus, I've set the campus high goal of $8,500.00!!! I'm super nervous and hope that my kiddos can reach that goal! In exchange I've gotten the "OK" from our principal that if we reach the goal, the students can come to school for one day only dressed as MONSTERS! Don't worry, I promise to upload pictures! Until then, enjoy these pictures and of course the fantastic video of my little cousin as "Beepo the Monster!" Here's Beepo... Our GRAND TOTAL for our Fall 2015 Book Fair was $7,761.03!! Though we didn't make our goal, I'm proud because we did set another CAMPUS RECORD! BRAVO LITTLE OWLS!!