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Happy Black History Month 2024!

Hey Y'all! I know I went missing for a couple of months, but the holidays swarmed me and I've had a lot of irons in the fire. First and foremost, I can now announce that I'm a 2023-24 Pulitzer Center Teacher Fellow ! Stay tuned for the month of May, when I can release the published unit I've worked on which focuses on my bittersweet love of ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE! This month also marks BLACK EXCELLENCE MONTH , which ya girl's given her best to model. Another nugget of joy, I'm the Texas Library Association's Spotlight Member of the Month ! In case the link ever breaks down, here are some pictures of my interview: Last, but certainly not least is my infamous newsletter. I took the month of January off, as I about drowned under responsiblities and germs. Please forgive me. But you HAD to know I wouldn't skip February! 🙌🏾 The way I look at it, I'm posting the last day of January to honor February. 😁 Please enjoy the lessons and wisdom