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The Power of Growth Mindset

Yesterday was our first day back! I enjoyed seeing all the faces light up with curiosity and joy for the new beginning! But, at the end of the day I did feel exhausted, like any Monday! :) But something truly great happened that Monday evening. I joined the Twitter #PLN (Professional Learning Network) hashtag #growthmindset and it changed my vision for this year. Thank you Kelly Mendoza for hosting the PLN last night! :) I needed this visual to share w/a new #PLN , #growthmindset ! — awakenlibrarian (@awakenlibrarian) August 25, 2015 I💜this!! Change your words = change your mindset.Dare we add Change your World? #GrowthMindset #5550 @GilcreaseElem — Misty Gerber (@misty_gerber) August 24, 2015 For those that don't know, I'm a librarian at a Title 1, elementary campus. Some of our kids are well-rounded, with middle class income families. And some, are not as fortunate. But regardless of income, I practice the beli