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Happy Library, Humor & Poetry Month!

Between April Fool's Day, Librarian's Day, Earth Day, etc. I truly believe this month is full of revival and revelations! Here's the newsletter for this celebratory month! Enjoy!   My Haiku Diary for April 1, 2022   "Break Fast Me Not"  Sun rays blinded me.  My belly grumbles loudly.  Pancakes, eggs and juice.

How Librarians Select Books?

My, my, my it appears history is a revolving door, as it relates to book bans based on discrimination and prejudices. Therefore, let's breakdown exactly how library books are selected so that instances like the following can fade to black: Access article here . Access article here . There are links to the articles for you to form your own opinion. But until those involved obtain a masters degree with hundreds of hours in the classroom and an exam completion rate of 80% or higher, please stay away from what you're not qualified to do. Entitlement to opinon is one thing, but taking away intellect for my kids, which is ALL kids regardless of socioeconomic, sexual or gender statuses...that's library treason, i.e. CENSORSHIP . We ain't having it. The "out of place" vernacular is intentional.   And before you ask, some librarians are more than qualified to choose books for students. Not only do we have the literal degrees, but librarians like myself, went a