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Happy #ElectionDay ! These kids are w/their parents & all #Americans today in spirit as we exercise our civic duty to #VOTE ! #HISD @TXLA — AwakenLibrarian (@awakenlibrarian) November 8, 2016 HAPPY ELECTION DAY!!! As the fervor stretches across America, we're celebrating our civic duty in the library! Here's a bit of our ELECTION DAY FUN! "Me" or "We" #VotingDay Challenge! @KidsVotingUSA #kidsvoting ! #Election2016 #PantherPride — AwakenLibrarian (@awakenlibrarian) November 8, 2016 To find out more about using a "Me" or "We" Challenge, see Kids Voting USA lesson ! After supporting our nation, a few kids had a question about what they could do to support the election? We discussed writing to Senators and the President to voice their concerns. However, they wanted something more concrete. So we came up with a "mock election" idea to beat all ideas...U.S.

Community Kitchens and the app Votesy

Recently, I came across an article where community libraries in Spain had a prep-kitchen for their patrons to use! I thought what an ingenious idea! So I put together a proposal slideshow and video. Please let me know what you think... Additionally, I came across this clever little tool for easy voting, VOTESY! It's like social media voting polls from your global community. I'm thinking you can use this a variety of ways...which book will we read next? Which new class rules are most important? Field day t-shirts? The sky's the limit. See more in the video: Check out this one I made for community kitchens... And this little jewel for favorite childhood fairytales... Please leave me a comment and check out how simple it is to use Votesy!