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Mummy Cat by Marcus Ewert & Lisa Brown

I've discovered a new book... AND I'M IN LOVE! In this one book, I will cover all subjects in learning (music, art, language art, social students, science, technology & PE-via dancing), ready? Here we go... Here's a small video I created to put on the morning announcements to entice the students: And, what kind of librarian would I be without including a book review: Mummy Cat by Marcus Ewert My rating: 5 of 5 stars I absolutely loved this book as it's the perfect platform to cover every subject taught in school. Without giving away too much, Mummy Cat was the victim of vengeance and now awaits to be reunited with his owner, the Queen of Egypt! The fluidity of Marcus Ewert 's choice of words is wonderful. Please check out my blog post, as it has the blessing of both author and illustrator: Mummy Cat! And, did I mention that illustrator Lisa Brown has fantastic illustrations that allude to the text seamlessly? View all my reviews Then, I beg