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Happy New Year!

2015 is a year full of promise for me! I'm a young and eager librarian, graduate school is over and I'm ready to explore what's ahead! :) I begin this year fascinated with the moon! My father works for NASA and space has always been a discussion in my family! In fact, my youngest son's first word was moon! Can you guess which son from the picture below? Nevertheless, children and adults alike are excited by the majesty of the moon, our Natural Satellite! Gail Gibbons has a wonderful book titled The Moon Book that explains the facts of the moon in kid-friendly words. Add a globe, and a soft fluffy ball to function as the moon and you've instant props for a visual demonstration. I had a students throw the fluffy ball at the globe to serve as a meteorite hitting the Earth. Also, you can begin the discussion with some Moon Facts. The kids were amazed that the moon does have traces of water! Please conclude with the video below which offers such interest