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The Secret Science Fair Project

In the library today, the students completely "lost their marbles" when we celebrated the invention of slime (a combination of glue, water, food coloring & borax...see the video below) and the molecular marvels of science! The Secret Science Project That Almost Ate the School by Judy Sierra My rating: 4 of 5 stars My students loved this book! I thought it a great cross-curricular read in the library. I followed it up with the "creation of slime!" The kiddos went bonkers in the library and I couldn't get them to hush-up because their were electrocuted with slimy excitement. The book's an easy and enjoyable read. I used this years ago when it first came out. When I saw it on the shelf in the library, the flashback of fun that I had with my high school kids came flooding back. The illustrations are dynamic and unpretentious. I like the fact that the characters have a kind of wicked theme to them! The kids laughed and "eww(ed)" where appropri