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Reading Right By Night Light (Video Contest)

So those of you that know, I'm SUPER close to earning my Masters Degree in Library Information Systems and Media Technology! Yeah, me! Below is a program that I created for my library advocacy class (LLLS 6234.40 Librarians Empowering Learners)! I created this Infographic and below is an excerpt from my paper. I hope it inspires you! Read Right by Night Light(RRNL): Parent Literacy Initiative Program: The librarian will initiate a campus wide literacy program that is based on parents and students creating a 3-5 minute video of their reading/performing a children’s book. This program is in support of parents reading 20 minutes a day to their children. This will be a 6 week program opened to the entire elementary campus, grades K-5th. The librarian will introduce the program in the library, modeling how parents should interact when reading and different book and video ideas, as well as obtain the necessary parental consent forms and send home literatur