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Middle School the Worst Years of My Life

In honor of the movie release of James Patterson's Middle School: The Worse Years of My Life , I gave away a copy of the book during the morning announcements. The students were to give me a "Top 10 List" of the BEST things about middle school. My winner, Prince W., not only answered the call, but gave me a graphic representation of his list! How's that for visual note-taking ? Check out his HUGE smile for winning the book...he even gave me 3 hugs! He's a 6th grade sweetheart! And, WAY different from Rafe Kkatchadorian! These are the days I LOVE my job!!! #MiddleSchoolMovie Here's my book giveaway winner! He had to give a Top 10 list of the BEST things about mid schl! @TLA #snapshot #HISD — AwakenLibrarian (@awakenlibrarian) October 7, 2016 Here are some pages from the book, that you really should go out and buy TODAY before you see the movie! What can I say? I'm a librarian To conclude, this tidbit below is ho