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The Day the Crayons Quit!

Today is National " The Day the Crayons Quit Day " Here are some great lesson ideas and our experience with it below: The Crayons will not Quit! #CrayonsDontQuit Take a look here for some great resources & work from my library kids: — awakenlibrarian (@awakenlibrarian) September 30, 2014 And...because I miss Mister Rogers so much--- Yes, I'm a kid from the 1980s --here's a "how-to-video" of how crayons are made! Enjoy!

Book Fair & Cute Solar System Video for Elementary Students

This week, we're having our Book Fair...see the pictures below! Because of the dreaded ROTATION SCHEDULE I must balance entertaining the students while, governing the book fair and finding books. Nevertheless, being the warrior that I am, I did find this cute video (including interesting facts) on YouTube by M Demaio :