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Maya Angelou: A Woman as President Interview!

Yes, I do ADORE Dr. Maya Angelou as a poet, writer, director, performer, soul sister and the "Grandmother I always wanted!" I saw her at the Houston Hobby Center in 2009 and that experience catapulted me to grab the reins of my life and start going and growing in the direction of my dreams! Now, she's done it again. Please read this article from Huffington Post . Not only does it discuss a woman being president--which will only succeed when both the House and Senate are more gender diverse... one person can start the change, but the TEAM has to work together --but this article also enlightens the audience on the true value of character: COURAGE!

Happiness is the TRUTH!

The HOLIDAYS are upon us! Keep the season joyful and full of good humor, energy, vibes, WHATEVER! When you spread joy, only good can come from it! Fight the blues away and celebrate the love of mankind everywhere! Click below!

Cruel Beauty Book Trailer!

This is courtesy of Eric Bateman and his Scoop.It! BUT...IT'S ALSO ON MY SCOOP.IT! Reader's Retort From what I understand, the author, Rosamund Hodge , has revamped the story of The Beauty and the Beast and served the audience a riveting 21st century tale of perplexing love and wonderful Greek mythology! Be sure to read her bio ! :)

The Most Important Lesson Schools Can Teach Kids About Reading: It's Fun

Thank you The Atlantic for this enriching and TIMELY article about returning to the true meaning of reading: to entertain one and appreciate the thoughts of another's journey. Enjoy reading, "The Most Important Lesson Schools Can Teach Kids About Reading: It's Fun"