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Thing 3: Yogile

This is another photo-hosting sight that's a breeze to achieve! :) As the name states, it is easy photo sharing, but beware that there's a $50/annual charge for hosting your photos! They will do it for free for 14 days, however, once it's long! I originally had my slideshow posted on this blog, but my free trial expired! However, the pictures used in the show are below. Enjoy! But what I liked is the simplicity. I use Shutterfly now, but am considering switching to Yogile to promote my new initiative program, Sibling Read to Me (SR2M). So many times working parents are too busy to read bedtime stories. However, there are usually older siblings there to watch the younger ones while their parents work. Why not use that time to promote reading?? Using Yogile, I launched SR2M, take a look below at my slideshow and snap some photos of your own and add them to the album! I'm working on the copyright of my program...please don't snatch my idea! :) BTW, t

Symbaloo Fun!!

Symbaloo's a personalized search engine that works great for organizing safe sights for your students to go to for research! No more oopsies! onto the wrong website. Now your students can search from your PRE-SELECTED webpages! Take a look at my own...

Thing 2: Flickr

Flickr is my new "safe drug!" I adore photography, and though I'm late to the craze, I LOVE FLICKR! I found a picture of "Aslan" from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe here This photograph just amazed me because of its majesty, mystery and marvelous magnitude of our planet. I applaud our space efforts but I believe more money should extend itself towards revealing the secrets of our planet, check this out: And last but not least, this picture just struck me about one of our ancient civilizations--Japan. My caption for this picture: "Said the fortune to the cookie last Spring...look at my backyard!"

The Little Free Library

Ok professor shared this wonderful idea about a street library in NYC (they always have the latest fad)! See this link: I would love to make miniature versions of these (perhaps only a couple) to place around the school or if your campus has a courtyard, then it would make a great instant library/reading nook. The ideas are limitless and since I live in the suburbs of Houston, TX...DISCOVERY GREEN PARK: LET'S GET ONE! :)

Thing 1: Blogging

Hi! I am Jean Darnell. I work for Houston ISD and am presently studying to become a librarian. Take a look at my unglamorous picture! I've truly feel like I've found my passion: combining books as the gate-keeper to knowledge and spreading enlightenment through research, media and technology. Amped up doesn't even begin to explain it! This blog was a sinch to set up. I started blogging recently, and despite all the craze, I'm a little late to the game. I've learned it's a great item to put on your resume and an even easier venue to promote life-long learning and experiences in a hip way! :) As a teacher, I'd like to see some third graders create a blog about 5 different books per semester that they've read on their own and of their own choosing. I feel like the hectic pace of the classroom (i.e. STANDARDIZE TESTING) does not allow classrooms the opportunity to have children read for pleasure. But creating a blog and discussion about the books s