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Happy Heavenly Birthday Dr. King!

Happy New Year Everyone!   This post is dedicated to the life and leadership of Dr. and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Inside this newsletter, you will find a heavily curated lesson from PBS , Learning for Justice and illustrations from Jerry Pinkney and written by Barry Wittenstein. And because behind every great man stands an equitably great woman, here's Angela Basset portraying Mrs. Coretta Scott King, and  Mary J. Blige serving impeccably in the role of Dr. Betty Shabazz (my  ΔΣΘ Soror), wife of Malcolm X. Many people forget that by the end of the 60s, both Dr. King and Malcolm X were allies in progressing the plight of Black Americans. In fact, Malcolm X attended the March on Washington in 1963. See the letter beneath the video excerpt.    Letter to Martin Luther King (the Southern Christian Leadership Conference) Malcolm X (text transcribed from the actual letter from Malcolm X : A Research Site) July 31, 1963 MUHAMMAD'S MOSQUE NO. 7  113 Lenox Avenue New Yo