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All I Can Do.

In May 2022, I spoke briefly on this blog about Teachers Not Being Okay , and now I'm following up with " All I Can Do ," which is an article I wrote on gun violence. Just below is the article in its entirety. Thank you to the American Federation of Teachers' Union (AFT) for giving me a place to release this internal torture that is surviving a school shooting and the PTSD scars that never fade. I dedicate this article to all of the educators, students and surviving family members that unwillingly perished due to preventable gun violence. Replace "thoughts and prayers" with strict policies to prohibit "civilian access to military weapons." Until then, those words ring hollow because we can help ourselves out of this nightmare. Along with my article and within this same issue, are other perspectives and suggestions to finally end this senseless suffering as it relates to gun violence. I implore you to read every one. Thank you in advance.