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Digital Media Virtual Word Wall

So, you know that I'm SUPER excited about teaching my Digital Media Class ! via GIPHY I can't stop thinking of a variety of ways to add tech components to the class! I must remember to slow down...but trust me, my students will leave DIGITAL MASTERS! I must brag on one of my students, Andy! He finished his blog, following all the directions and being otherwise AMAZING! Check out my #DigitalJediBlogger Andy ! Now to the meat of this post. I LOVE Padlet and Quizlet ! They LET learning continue with techonology! You see what I did there with the word, "let?" Lol, yup-I'm that kind of nerdy!  :) Please check out this virtual word wall I created for my class. The Quizlet is embedded within! Enjoy! For my students, BEWARE! Embedded in the padlet below is a QUIZ Pay attention to the details and find the quiz. It will take you to Quizlet , where you have flashcards that will help you before you click the quiz link. Ask for more details in class and good