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Humans, not Martians on Mars!

I'm still sitting here with my mouth ajar after watching this phenomenal video about sending people to Mars. OMG! OMG! OMG!! I don't's truly an adventure in every regard. I doubt I'd have the will to see it through to the end, BUT I can so see my youngest son SCREAMING to "Sign me up!" So I applaud and send goodness to those who succeed in winning the bid. Going back to my reaction, it's truly a release of vanity and a charge toward the next phase in outward exploration. To be absolutely honest, I feel we haven't touched the "tip of the iceberg" in exploration of our planet, Earth, especially beneath the shores. I tease my sons and students that dinosaurs are hibernating at depths unknown to man, waiting to "sneak attack us!" Part of me believes if we can successfully go deep enough there into the dark crevices of the sea, then we can soar far enough "out there" into space with similar success. Check out

Judy Blume's Tiger Eyes

Okay you all, I know Judy Blume's usually on the banned list for Forever but it's been forever so let's let it go! :) Perhaps it's because she's heavily criticized or even banned , but I ADORE Blume as an author and have since I was a young chocolate marshmallow discovering the many "tastes" of books! Nevertheless, Blume's book Tiger Eyes is becoming a movie!! Yes, the book's ALWAYS , yet I must admit...I'm pretty excited about the movie! Check out the blog and trailer from Judy Blume's cinema debut of Tiger Eyes! Shout outs to this great blog for YA Literature: