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Mr. John Schu & the Last Stop on Market Street!

Today was a GREAT DAY! I did get to meet my #TwitterLibraryMentor, Mr. John Schu ! So for my kiddos who follow my blog, here's another example of my reaching out to my dreams. I've followed Mr. Schu's blog since 2013. I enjoyed learning from his book-trailers and experiences. He inspired me to keep going with my own views on what a 21st century library looks like! So it was UBER COOL to meet him today! Awesome-sauce! And, he admitted to being happy to meet me! Don't believe me...check this out! @awakenlibrarian It was wonderful meeting you. — John Schu (@MrSchuReads) January 27, 2016 What is even a greater bonus is Mr. Schu graciously gave me a copy of the newly awarded Newberry Medal book, Last Stop on Market Street written by Matt De La Pena with illustrations by Christian Robinson. Here's some student feedback of the author's purpose from the Last Stop on Market Street: "The author's purpose was to persuade the reader to be gratefu