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Vanessa Brantley Newton: Illustrator Extraordinaire

There are some days that you anticipate and fantasize about: Christmas as a kid, wedding days as adults, birth of children as parents. Yesterday, I had one of those days...better than Christmas, definitely better than my wedding day --as I'm happily divorced, and just shy of the birth of my children! I had the wonderful Vanessa Brantley Newton in my library. Ever since I read her and Thelma Godin's Hula Hoopin' Queen , I've been in love! Less than 24 hrs ago, my dream came true. Miss Vee showed up like a calm sunrise and then shook the heavens with her amazing author/illustrator presentation! I still have wondrous chills when I think about it! Please look below and enjoy the highlights from her visit as it forever changed my and my students' lives! Principal & Vanessa Assistant Principal & Vanessa Me & my Soul Sister Just like myself, Vanessa is passionate about the need for DIVERSE BOOKS and granted me a brief glimpse into her passionate sta