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Congratulations Graduates!

I absolutely abhor graduations...I know that sounds horrible as a teacher-librarian. But it's just the forever calling of names and the waiting for the one person you're there for to FINALLY walk across the stage. Yet, for those I love, I will sit through fire and brimstone just to savor the moment of seeing pure joy on their faces as they cross the stage! Recently, my oldest brother, at the age of 40, graduated with a Bachelor's degree! He did it his way...but he did it! My entire family came out to see him walk across the stage. When the graduate commencement speaker asked for siblings of the graduates to stand, not only did I stand, but I DANCED!! I was present, in the moment and over-whelmed with joy! But the best tribute and thank you ever given to my family came as my brother crossed the stage. Instead of having his name announced "Quentin Milton Thomas" (which includes the middle name tribute to his father), he changed the announcing of his name to &q