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Duchess' Book Give-a-ways! Readin'...Researchin'...& Racin'

So as my kiddos at Goodman Elementary know, I LOVE to give away FREE BOOKS! I'm a fervent believer in kiddos having their own library at home! My kids have a library each of their own and they constantly see me reading. My hope is to one day leave them my library with all my various genres so they can hold it, see my earmarks and notes and reconnect with me, though I physically may be gone! Below are the books I gave away today with their research questions. It concludes with this morning's broadcast announcements! I hope you enjoy! The research: Name 5 writers from the Romantic Period (1800-1850) with one of them being a woman. (Aimed at 5th graders) The research: Name 6 different types of dogs. (Aimed at grades 1st through 4th). The research: Name 6 different famous chefs. (Aimed at grades 1st-5th). Book Give-a-ways! from AwakenLibrarian on Vimeo . Here's the Rutabaga: The Adventure Chef trailer referenced in the morning broadcast: Rutabaga-T

End of the Year Librarian Review/Evaluation

As librarians, we wear so many hats: book goddess, tech tibrarian (technology and librarian) and makerspace maven! I've been trying to think of everything we do and I'm just shocked that I have any energy left. Below is a brief Prezi of this year's accomplishments. For those librarians and administrators wanting a more in depth look, the Google document goes into specifics. But for those of you who follow my blog, you know this is my digital resume or bionic baby, as I refer to it! Here's the digital in-depth version as promised: As you've probably gathered from my blog, I'm quite open and straight-forward. It's the librarian in me! :) Here's an evaluation of my role as a librarian from a Digital Resources Librarian. Additionally, here it is (finally) my evaluation from my current principal 2014-2015 at Goodman ES: Additionally, here are some screen shots of additional collaboration w/colleagues in the district and staff: