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Good Reasons to Read Quotes!

"A good children's book is a young person's earliest exposure to art and design, a conduit for parental bonding, a means to teach individual and social lessons..." Not only does this ring true, but think about how early you need to expose children to books. Is 3 months too young? No. Is before birth too soon?? Never. When you build those bonds before entry into life, I believe the baby will recall the tone in your voice. I believe the 18 month old will mimic the manner in which you held his favorite book. Your 4 year old little boy will ask a thousand times over for his favorite "night-night" story. The following response came from "The Goddess of YA Literature" Blog. "So to the list of reasons why children's books matter, add the way that they reflect the times they were created in. 'They are the message-in-a-bottle that each generation tosses out to the next generation," Marcus says, "the record of one generation&

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I learned and implemented a QR code for this blog. You should be able to see it below. Take a look at this website to create your own FREE QR code: