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SLJ Teen Live Virtual Conference

I LOVE, love, LoVe virtual conferences! Any day I can learn in my PJs is the BEST learning for me. It's made me productive enough to do a summer post! In conjunction with my role as a Coretta Scott King blogger for ALA , I will focus my post on the wonderful Jason Reynolds and how his book, Miles Morales: Spider-Man has hooked reluctant readers! Please enjoy! Spoiler Alert: Spider-Man is no longer Peter Parker; he’s now Miles Morales! ( a moment of silence, please. ) I hate to be snitch, but it’s all Jason Reynolds’ fault...kinda. His words created such a believable connection that the new Spider-Man is a half black, half Puerto Rican 16 y/o from Brooklyn. I half expected Zendaya (from the summer blockbuster Spider-Man Homecoming ) to step out of the book! Today, the School of Library Journal held a live, young adult literature, virtual conference--SJL Teen Live!--and let’s just say, Mr. Reynolds shined a spotlight on the essence of connecting with reluctant readers (R