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Today's #WorldKindnessDay! I'm overwhelmingly excited because all this month on campus, I've celebrated in every way. I've infected my campus with an energy that has a wondrous ricochet effect. Whether it's "paying it forward" or being a blessing to others, when someone goes above the GOLDEN RULE and, consequently, exceeds to the ENRICHED RULE my mouth hits the floor in shock! What's the Enriched Rule? Adding an extra "oomph" to an already good deal! That's like going to the bank for a loan, and getting that loan interest free for 10 years-no strings attached, no credit approval required! :) Yep, all that AND a bag of chips! Lol! I'm such the 90s kid! get my kiddos psyched about kindness, I offered a "High-five" award for any students displaying random acts of kindness. Every morning via the announcements, I encouraged them to show kindness by performing various thoughtful acts, anywhere-anythime. Here