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Digital Media Class-1st Blog Post

Students: Please review the instructions for your first blog post! Here's my SAMPLE for you. Yay for modeling expectations! Welcome to my blog! I'm Jean D.: activist, rebel, creative thinker and otherwise AMAZING woman . What makes me amazing? I've a great sense of humor... I fought with Black Panther before he helped out the Marvel Avengers. I'm known as the "Wakanda Librarian" in the African nations of Nigeria and Mali. Black Panther My fictional mother is Khalessi (GOT fan) and my brother is a dragon. Here he is... via GIPHY Finally, I'm a writer . I've books that I've written that have inspired me at the darkest moments of my life. I'm also an art collector. Here's my latest purchase by Patricia Blackwell. Want to know how to make your own Meme easily? You can make your own MEME here.