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Blerds Book Club

4 young beauties came in this morning to check out library books.💓 I began to show them all the newly acquired library books...and they squealed with glee! 💗 Then, they did the unthinkable...the asked for a book club! 💜 What's even more AMAZING , they returned at their lunch w/a prepared greeting, to begin the book club. They persisted like the uncut diamonds they are! 💖  Here's to the 1st Blerd Book Club Meeting... ENJOY it as much as I did! Blerd Book Club from AwakenLibrarian on Vimeo . P.S.: May I just say that these group of girls are the "best friends" I needed when I was their age? Full circle moment, I tell you...this heals my inner child most definitely! I ❤ being their librarian!

Fall GLEC_PVA Book Fair

Good Day to you all! I'm super excited about my upcoming book fair! This year, I'm having a BUCKAROOS & BOOKS! Fair, along with Scholastic Books! I'm UBER EXCITED to see my kiddos build their piggy banks, plan ahead by saving loose change, and coming to the fair with smiles and savings! Here's to a wonderful book fair! Check back for updates on the fundraising total and other surprises!