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Erasing Black Girls' Education Entitlement.

After reading the article, Girlhood Interrupted: The Erasure of Black Girls' Childhood by Rebecca Epstein, Jamilia J. Blake and Thalia González (consent given from Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality), I had to take action. Just look at these alarming graphics: As you will read in the article, the biased suspension rate of young Black girls are an extension of a prejudice mindset. As educators and librarians, we must constantly re-examine policies that affect our youth. For those unfamiliar, so many times Black students are penalized for culturally ingrained behaviors unfamiliar to authorities in charge (i.e. white leaders). Within the aforementioned article such biased behavior is defined as "adultification." I hope you read and then share this survey I created with your Black female high and middle school students. I truly want to know how they feel in an American school system that was not designed with their future in mind. One more time,