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Book & Behavior Champions

Image's January! The kiddos have had a long holiday break and they DON'T want to be here...muchless follow rules! Therefore, this post is dedicated the rules of the library and behavior expectations. Please enjoy these pictures and videos...I hope it will inspire better behavior expectations! :) And for my little Owls, here's a message from our principal and an "Oscar-worthy" performance by some of your friends or in this in crime! :) We all know that students can listen and focus when they WANT to...ever seen a kid gaming? 100% focus. I've learned that their selective apathy is called #Slackitude . Check out this read on Medium by Sadies Ceng: #Slacktitude P.S. Here's a *BONUS* for you...a book on breaking rules: Break These Rules: 35 YA Authors on Speaking Up, Standing Out and Being Yourself !