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Book Fair: The Students Awaken

It's that time again, THE BOOK FAIR! This go-around I decided to do things a little bit differently. I created a "How-to" video for my kiddos, as well as some other digital tidbits! :) Please enjoy and will us some good favor/positive thoughts so that we reach our highest goal yet, $8,000! Now before you (my eager students) get too excited, remember our ground rules: 1. Check the back of the books/items for prices. 2. Put things back where you found them. 3. Ask for help. 4. Don't forget to include tax! 5. Books before bobbles! Bobbles being the gadget/toys you want to buy 1st! Like these... and we can't forget these... So, please come on out and support us next week! We'll see you in our LITERARY GALAXY! Book Fair's almost here! Shop online: . Grandparents Night Tues, 4-6 pm. TY for your support! — Goodman_Owls (@Goodman_Owls) March 3, 2016 GRAND TOTAL FOR THE BOOK FAIR WAS $7,27

Read Across America Day!

Oh is READ ACROSS AMERICA DAY! It's also known as Dr. Seuss' Birthday! Woo-Hoo! Please enjoy our celebration of the wondrous talent of Theodore Geisel ! Here's my son as "Thing 1!" Celebrating #ReadAcrossAmerica today! #FBISD TY @awakenlibrarian for your support! See here: — Goodman_Owls (@Goodman_Owls) March 2, 2016 Check out this blog post on the Seuss Memorial in Springfield, Massachusetts ! Here's a Vine of my students reading aloud on "Read Across America" Day! I'm super proud! We've a FANTASTIC update: Epic Reads responded to our tweet! Way to go!!! @awakenlibrarian This is adorable! Thanks so much for resending it, we're so glad we got to see this! We agree, he's amazing! :) — Epic! (@EpicKidsBooks) March 11, 2016