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Coretta Scott King Book Committee

Yesterday was Coretta Scott King's Birthday ...if you're amiss to who she is check this out: Now that you're familiar...on Mrs. King's birthday, I received notification that a LONG-TIME dream of mine came true...beginning this summer, I will be on the Coretta Scott King Book Award Committee! HALLELUJAH! I can't express how excited I am, but you know I had to share with those who've always supported my role as a librarian...YOU! Apr 27- #CorettaScottKing 's bday-I received word that I'm selected to serve in the #CSKbookaward committee! #txlchat — AwakenLibrarian (@awakenlibrarian) April 28, 2016 This "brown girl's dreaming!" Thank you @ALALibrary #CorettaScottKing comm for selecting me! @FBISD_Libraries #FBISD — AwakenLibrarian (@awakenlibrarian) April 28, 2016 @awakenlibrarian OMG! OMG! My LIFE's DREAM ! U GO WITH YOUR BAD SELF


Good day to you followers! All this month and via the morning announcements, I've bombarded my students with my addiction to poetry. Yes, I experienced the eye rolling and the "I hate poetry" remarks! I mean poetry is NOT the enemy...especially in this technological, nuclear age! What's poetry ever done to the earth? But nevertheless, after my touch of finesse, they've grown accustomed to it and even recited some for videography! Enjoy! Here are some of the slides from the morning announcements: Here's a calming, spring "cherry blossom" snowfall:

#TXLA16 Recap in Tweets

Here's my recap of the Texas Library Association's Annual Conference . Let me begin by saying, I loved the reflection of "Black Leadership" on some panels for TLA! Loving #blackleadership in literature @TXLA ! @levarburton @earlsewell @EricDeanSeaton #MinorityHeroesEXIST ! #txla16 — AwakenLibrarian (@awakenlibrarian) April 20, 2016 TY @TXLA 's #BlackCaucus breakfast! @earlsewell , "Are you a meaningful specific or a wandering generality?" #txla16 — AwakenLibrarian (@awakenlibrarian) April 20, 2016 Thanks to @EricDeanSeaton I'm bringing a #SuperheroLikeMe back to @Goodman_Owls ! #txla16 — AwakenLibrarian (@awakenlibrarian) April 20, 2016 Also, I was blessed enough to win a full collection of The Legend of Mantamaji! Woo-hoo! I'm super excited to share with my older kiddos! But the BEST example of black! :) Congrats to librarians @a