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Scary Halloween Ideas and Resources

This post does contain frightening and unnerving videos as well as kid-friendly resources. However, please take caution if you're sensitive to scary there's plenty of that here! This week's one of my favorites for class activities! I like seeing little ones get slightly spooked! Their innocence is exciting and rewarding...:) However, if any of your babies begin acting like these in the video below, then... Creepy Kids - Children in horror from Peter Schneider on Vimeo . Here's a link to a great "skeleton" lesson on " How to Write Your Own Scary Story... " And to follow suit, here's a wonderful reading of Edgar A. Poe's "The Raven." Click on the little sound icon on the top left of the page. To get the students EXCITED about SPOOKTACULAR reads, I created the following display and gave this Scary Stories to Read hand-out : Anyone one of my kiddos, who paid attention in the library, KNOWS why I