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Color Me a Princess Tea!

Without further adieu, I must inform you that I just had the ABSOLUTE BEST DAY in the library. Yesterday, we broke through the mirage of the "stereotypical" princess. We took the "rescue me" mentality up a notch, removed the prince and added the vitamin of EMPOWERMENT into the mix. Come on this journey with me, as yesterday changed my perspective in the best way possible! "Color Me a Princess Tea" short movie from AwakenLibrarian on Vimeo . We had a panel of distinguished guests: Rashika Robinson (biology major, baker/entrepreneur) Miss Katy Teen 2017 Sydney Felton (17 y/o dancer, student and motivational speaker) Tina B. (engineer, poet, musician) Courtnie Penson ( Freed-Montrose Librarian , social worker, doctoral canidate) April Carson and Rhonda James ( YWCA Houston Community Outreach and Director of Programs ) Sybil Moss (educator, pagent organizer, motivational coach) The ultimate goal: Make yourself the heroine in your life wit