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Thing 5: Durham County Public Library!

I saw a picture once of this beautiful county (& bit of U.S. A.) as an undergraduate student and thought, "One day, that'll be me! I'll make it there!" Take a look at the Durham County Public Library's Facebook Page:

Thing 4: RSS reader and HOPEFUL video for all those trying to master something new!!!! :)

So my newest find is linking those websites important to me into my own RSS ( R eally S imple, S yndication) reader. Google has a RSS reader that allows you to "TAILOR" the internet to suit your interest. The google version for a "reader" was an ease to set up. They have a FREE google reader account that you use. If you already have a google account, just log in and go to and start "staring" some of their suggestions. Also, if you're on a webpage that looks like an orange colored echo, then click on it. It will add it to your google reader subscription, without an extra step! The only apprehension I had is that when I started to create my google account, they had a notice that said google reader would not be available after July 1, 2013!! OH, NO!!! I don't know what to do, but for now, click on these following links for the EASE and KNOW HOW of creating your own newsreader!!!! I can SO see using this in the classroom to fo