Monday, May 2, 2022

Aaaah! The FORCE is strong with us!


First, for those kiddos watching this blog like a hawk...

Yeah, I still support my Star Wars addiction...I just gotta keep it professional 95% of the time...but rest assured, I will be decked out in my best gear on May 4th, forcing choking folks working my nerves in my mind until the Jedi Counsel decides to initiate me with my purple lightsaber so I can continue the cause of the rebellion!

Friday, April 1, 2022

Happy Library, Humor & Poetry Month!

Between April Fool's Day, Librarian's Day, Earth Day, etc. I truly believe this month is full of revival and revelations! Here's the newsletter for this celebratory month! Enjoy!
My Haiku Diary for April 1, 2022
"Break Fast Me Not" 
Sun rays blinded me. 
My belly grumbles loudly. 
Pancakes, eggs and juice.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

How Librarians Select Books?

My, my, my it appears history is a revolving door, as it relates to book bans based on discrimination and prejudices. Therefore, let's breakdown exactly how library books are selected so that instances like the following can fade to black:

There are links to the articles for you to form your own opinion. But until those involved obtain a masters degree with hundreds of hours in the classroom and an exam completion rate of 80% or higher, please stay away from what you're not qualified to do. Entitlement to opinon is one thing, but taking away intellect for my kids, which is ALL kids regardless of socioeconomic, sexual or gender statuses...that's library treason, i.e. CENSORSHIP. We ain't having it. The "out of place" vernacular is intentional.
And before you ask, some librarians are more than qualified to choose books for students. Not only do we have the literal degrees, but librarians like myself, went a step further: reading literally more than a thousand books in a year's time in order to select the BEST BOOK to represent the nation. I served on the 2020 Caldecott Book Award Jury:
This lesson gives the background knowledge for students to obtain true learning experience on how books are chosen for the library. It also actively responds to the writing prompt: Write a proposal in which you argue which book would be most effective for a school-wide book club. In your proposal, choose an informational or literary text. Use text evidence to help explain how the text you chose is worthy.
Now for the lesson at hand, because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

P.S. Here's a fun fact, politicians DO NOT have to have a degree to become a politician. Just like one wouldn't want a medical doctor operating on them without extensive medical practice and knowledge, one shouldn't have an unqualified person deciding what's appropriate reading for a child's brain. Librarians are not doctors...but we are experts when it comes to literary content, children's literary development and what criteria makes for excellent reading. We deserve some respect on our names. We earned it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Women Rock! We're simply MAGIC!!

I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts on Women's month. I won't lie to you, growing up, I was a tomboy. I learned at an early age, men had the power and women served them. I began rocking that mentality immediately...a rebel with a legitimate cause. As a woman, I've enjoyed being such and loathed being such. I hate that women have to work 24/7. I work as the sole-provider of my family. I take off of work, when kids are sick. I work while sick. No work, no money. I grind harder than any man and make more sacrifices than most...just to make 80 cents on the dollar compared to a man, who does less work...has a society that caters to HIS needs...and very rarely has to be in the position to lose pay because he chose his kids over his job....and I'm Black (which is it's own win and woe in today's times). Therefore, the acknowledgement from our President that there must be equity, equality and an END the gender paygap, I felt a little more SEEN and HEARD.

Now, it doesn't erase the 20 yrs of loss pay b/c I ran out of sick days due to birth, surgeries and policies/procedures that I use all my days before using disability insurance I paid for "just in case" a medical setback happens...but he is DOING SOMETHING, which is more than I can say for the male leaders in my state/community...

Friday, February 25, 2022

Closing out BHM 2022

 This month has been back to back celebration of all the excellence Black trailblazers, innovators and Ancestors contributed to our nation. I couldn't be more proud to share snippets of the library's efforts to honor Black History then and now.

In honor of BHM then the library sponsored a Quilting Bee where we worked on patches to add to our "Dessau Unity Quilt" that the wonderful Mrs. Vickie West will compile into a wonderful quilt to display in the library. Here's a video highlighting excerpts from the day!

Because so much of African American's history is riddled with unfortunate hatred and bondage, it was imperative that the BHM now centered on understanding the struggles of those ahead of us who fought the good fight. Therefore, we made a "light-hearted research" activity (light = research w/o a paper) and combined it with art to create a unique twist on our "Family Tree."

Another shining example of Black History Now is this riveting truth about our need for "Hoodies." It's the perfect "Post Trayvon Martin" salute and explanation, why #TeamHoodiesUp, is needed for adults, youths and anyone so inclined to adorn themselves with a hoodie:

Last but certainly not least, we have to give thanks to those that uplift and inspire us. This month's celebration wouldn't be much without the blood, tears and sacrifice of our Ancestors. Our dance team encompassed that "spirit of fortitude" in a praise dance. Bravo ladies for a job well done!

For those that couldn't join our webinar today, stay was recorded and I will post a link or embed it as soon as it's available. In the mean time, check out this promotional tweet!

As promised, here's the webinar over "Demystifying Black Culture Through Picture Books!"

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Happy Black History Month 2022!

 I couldn't be more excited to share with you the library activities we have going on this month!

In addition to our wonderful newsletter stacked with embedded resources, I am happy to share that there will be a Pflugerville ISD district wide webinar featuring my lesson: Black Representation in YA and Children's Literature.

Our Beloved Black History Month Newsletter
In case you cannot make the webinar, please see the lesson here: